Las Vegas Review-Journal Gets Bought Out as Rumors Swirl That Sheldon Adelson May Be the Mystery Customer

Las Vegas Review-Journal Gets Bought Out as Rumors Swirl That Sheldon Adelson May Be the Mystery Customer

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has announced it is that it has a new owner, but not even the staff knows who.

Did Sheldon Adelson, whose Las vegas, nevada casino the Venetian is readying for tonight’s final GOP debate, purchase the Las Vegas Review-Journal? Most are saying ‘yes,’ but no one but the buyer him or herself knows for sure at this juncture.

The $140 million price tag for Nevada’s main newspaper would be change that is chump the billionaire, of program. But as city news sources go, it is considered a complete lot at a time when the print publishing industry is in decline.

Nevertheless the mystery surrounding the purchase is exactly what really has folks talking, as nobody, not even evidently the newspaper’s staff, knows the identity of the new owner.

What we can say for certain is this: last Thursday, a company called News + Media Capital Group paid method over market value to manage the newspaper from the previous owner, New Media Investment Group, which had bought it previously in the 12 months for just $102 million.

Who owns the extremely recently incorporated News + Media Capital Group has not even been divulged to staff, leaving the paper’s seasoned reporters, usually so adept at dealing with the bottom of story, scraping their heads.

‘Don’t Stress About Who We Are’

Michael Schroeder, a News + Media Capital Group manager, told staff in a meeting on final week to not be concerned about the identification of their new owner.

‘you are wanted by them to focus in your jobs … do not worry about who they really are,’ Schroeder reportedly said.

He also assured them that the owners that are new not interfere with the magazine’s editorial control, although an article posted on the RJ website that evening was reedited to get rid of references towards the reality that the new owners were unknown, at the demand of Schroeder.

The timing associated with the purchase of the many dominant news socket in Nevada, an early-voting swing state, combined with high cost paid, is fueling conjecture that the mystery customer may be a conservative that is wealthy.

On a visit to the Review Journal‘s head workplace this week, GOP not-so-frontrunner Jeb Bush mused that perhaps it was Donald Trump, although we think he was joking. Ultimately, though, the presidential prospect remained as baffled as most people.

‘Just completed hour+ @reviewjournal ed board. Only q left unanswered who owns the newspaper?’ tweeted Bush.

Adelson Speculation

A name that has cropped up in lots of speculative media reports is, inevitably, Sheldon Adelson, and certainly the Republican mega-donor would appear to suit the profile. He owns newspapers in Israel, where his day-to-day paper that is free Israel Hayom (Israel Today), can be so pro-Netanhayu it has been accused of compromising the foundations of Israeli democracy.

Also, Adelson has a huge stake in the affairs of Las Vegas and Nevada (the first US state to legalize and regulate online gaming), and has vowed he will invest ‘whatever is necessary’ in his crusade to banish regulated on the web gambling from America.

And meanwhile, Adelson’s people are refusing to answer requests for comments from the various news sources that have contacted them on the matter this week.

But perhaps not everyone is convinced that Adelson is behind all this. University of Nevada, Las vegas, nevada associate history professor Michael Green told the Los Angeles occasions that while Adelson was the initial name that came to mind, something doesn’t quite ring true.

‘My immediate idea was, if [Adelson] purchased, he’d have told us already, simply by dint of the fact that he’s been mostly an open book,’ Green said.

GOP Debate at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian in Las Vegas Tough on National Security as Candidates Flaunt Defense Credentials

The 5th and last GOP debate of 2015 honed in on problems of nationwide protection after the terrorism attacks in both Paris and San Bernardino, California. All nine stage that is main, featuring Donald Trump front side and center, positioned for exposure to exhibit their defense expertise.

GOP debate in Las Vegas: Donald Trump was once again the kingpin at the entire year’s final Republican debate, held at fellow billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian casino. (Image: John Locher/AP)

Donald Trump reigned supreme once again, at least stature-wise, because the property mogul continues his dominating popularity into the polls. But itwas the senators from Florida and Texas who seemed the most confrontational during the three-hour spectacle, as Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz repeatedly sparred over their Congressional documents.

Both fared well, as did Trump, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the latter two scoring a much-needed victory while there was no clear winner, host network CNN declared that Rubio and Cruz.

The debate ended up being mainly balanced and fair, according to the applicants.

The two notable exceptions were Trump attacking the moderators for routinely posing questions against him, and Salem Radio Network talk show host Hugh Hewitt winning the prize for most strange debate question while asking previous pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson if he’d be comfortable with the ‘death of large number of innocent children’ in bombing ISIS.

Carson’s response was similarly strange, mentioning kids whose heads he had exposed for brain surgery later being grateful he had done so. Exactly What?

Sheldon into the Wings

The conversation dedicated to maintaining America safe, which was noted because the true number 1 duty associated with the president per repetitive declarations by the candidates. No gambling or fantasy that is daily talk was mentioned, even though the debate was taking place in Las vegas, nevada, the video gaming mecca regarding the United States.

Several celebrities were in attendance, including Mr. Las Vegas himself Wayne Newton, but the elephant not shown within the room was billionaire Las vegas, nevada Sands owner Sheldon Adelson.

Held into the swing state of Nevada at Adelson’s Venetian resort, governmental insiders believe Rubio is the preferred candidate in the eyes associated with the gambling tycoon. Adelson gave nearly $100 million in donations to super political action committees (PAC) throughout the 2012 presidential election, and he’s more than more likely to do the same in 2016.

Rumors are also bandied this week that Adelson could be the mystical buyer of Sin City’s primary news source, the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Many believe the paper, bought for many millions more than its value that is stated be one tool Adelson hopes to sway the important Nevada vote in his desired direction, although the customer remains shrouded in darkness.

Cruz vs. Rubio

Yesterday Rubio and Cruz both made their cases to persuade voters for their side being a legitimate conservative option to the outspoken Trump. Adelson is a vital reward to a successful Republican campaign, presuming one isn’t worth $10 billion on a single’s own, as is the frontrunner the Donald.

Rubio, who’s allegedly met with Adelson independently on several occasions, is reportedly the lead candidate to receive their financial backing. However, there are also reports that Adelson’s wife Miriam prefers Cruz, and it’s rumored to have led to an argument that is internal the couple.

Cruz spoke at the Jewish that is republican Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting in April at the Venetian, with both Sheldon and Miriam in attendance.

Speculation has additionally surfaced that Adelson is not in support of Trump being the nominee that is republican go up against the likely Democrat pick Hillary Clinton. Trump tweeted in October that Adelson preferred Rubio because ‘he can mold him into his perfect little puppet.’

That said, Trump and Adelson did satisfy before final night of debate. ‘He’s been a friend of mine for a time that is long’ Trump told the Washington Post. ‘He called to see whether or otherwise not we’re able to fulfill, and we are going to satisfy.’

GVC Chief Kenny Alexander Denies Wrongdoing Over 37Entertainment Claims

GVC Holdings CEO Kenny Alexander denied claims from a Canadian marketing firm that his company had reneged for a deal. (Image: Tom Stockhill/ thesundaytimes.co.uk)

GVC Holding’s acquisition of bwin.party was unanimously authorized by shareholders today, even as GVC boss Kenny Alexander has been forced to reject claims that his company double-crossed A canadian marketing company during its negotiations with bwin.

37Entertainment (37E) is thought to possess filed an arbitration claim utilizing the International Chamber of Commerce against GVC for misrepresentation of business through the reneging of solutions for a partnership deal.

37E’s claim states that GVC failed to deliver guaranteed services for the launch of two white-label gambling that is online, which were become operated jointly by the two companies.

The firm claims that GVC continuously delayed the signing of a agreement in order to pursue its takeover of bwin.party, before pulling out from the deal completely despite 37E having currently started operations.

‘Without Substance’

Speaking to Review that is eGaming called the claims ‘spurious’ and ‘without substance,’ adding that the company would ‘robustly protect’ it self.

GVC had previously stated that the claims were without merit, as ‘no formal contract had been reached’ between the two organizations.

‘GVC is continuously checking out new relationships in new geographies and not all possibilities reach maturity,’ said a GVC representative last August.

In September, GVC trumped 888 Holdings for the proper to purchase bwin.party for $1.6 billion in cash and shares. The battle for bwin was an affair that is lengthy once the two online video gaming leaders attempted to outmuscle one another with bid and counterbid.

Bwin Shareholders Approve Deal

At one point, negotiations seemed to be determined and only 888, but GVC’s decision to ditch its initial backer that is financial Amaya Inc., and make an alternative solamente bid eventually convinced the bwin shareholders to come on board. Or half of them, at the least.

The bwin board polled its shareholders and found that they were split 50/50 between the offers in the week leading up to the acceptance of the GVC offer. The board ended up being then able to persuade a group of majority shareholders to switch sides and opt for its option that is preferred.

On however, bwin announced that 99.99 percent of its shareholders voted in favor of the proposal tuesday. Bwin stated in a declaration that the offer still remains subject to the satisfaction conditions put down into the scheme document, such as formal sanctioning by the court.