Caesars Scoops Up Social Media Free-Play Site Pacific Interactive

Caesars<span id="more-9603"></span> Scoops Up Social Media Free-Play Site Pacific Interactive

Caesars Interactive’s purchase of Pacific Interactive adds the latter’s home of Fun social gaming app to the Playtika repertoire (Image: Pacific Interactive)

If a novel had been to be written about Caesars Entertainment Corp., it could easily be called ‘Debt and Acquisition’; the casino operator generally seems to bounce back and forth between racking up IOUs and purchasing everything they can get their hands on. The latest chapter of this book involves Israeli-based social gaming company Pacific Interactive, and it makes Company Number Four in Caesars ongoing expansion into the popular free-play social gaming market.

‘Free-Play’ Isn’t Always Free

No purchase terms were released on the sale, but Caesars is now the proud owner of House of Fun, a digital slot-machine, free-play gaming site. Of course, ‘free-play’ doesn’t always become exactly free; these social media gaming sites have turned into lucrative online businesses by offering tempting, affordable add-ons of additional digital game tokens often under a money each to players, lots of whom access the site via Facebook.

For Pacific Interactive founder and CEO Omri Shitreet, it’s all about movin’ on up.

‘we have been excited to become listed on one of the largest & most effective social and games that are mobile on earth,’ said Shitreet. ‘We are confident that beneath the Playtika umbrella, we are in a position to deliver an even better game experience for the players while during the same time producing great value for our new shareholders.’

According to video gaming industry Eilers Research analyst and online gaming specialist Adam Krejcik, Pacific which is privately held pulled in somewhere between $25 and $30 million for 2013, with 3/4 of that coming from Twitter patrons and 1/4 from various apps that are mobile.

Krejcik told investors recently that the social site is rated ninth on Eiler’s social casino tracker, those types of companies with A twitter presence. Pacific claims to have 700,000 users each and about 2.7 million per month day.

Social Gaming Proving Lucrative for Caesars

Caesars, needless to say, isn’t new to online or social gaming; the company’s 2013 revenues from Caesars Interactive’s social gaming presence alone brought in $290 million. Their other social internet sites include their kingpin World Series of Poker brand, in addition to Playtika and several Buffalo Studios-produced games. Based on Eilers, Playtika was a $103 million purchase for the gaming conglomerate, while Buffalo Studios was found for $45 million. And the gaming analyst business states Caesars is for a path that is good all these purchases.

‘ We believe Caesars acquired both companies at attractive multiples,’ said an Eilers report. ‘ In fact, its acquisition of Playtika has ended up being one of the best merger-and-acquisition discounts we have seen in the past five years.’

Caesars claims it plans to merge Pacific’s products into its existing Playtika social and gaming that is mobile. They additionally noted that Pacific’s 100-plus employee base around the world will be safe in keeping their jobs following the merger.

For Playtika’s CEO Robert Antokol, the deal is also a plus, saying the House of Fun addition only will pull in new users to their company’s platforms.

‘The acquisition permits us to offer a new quality item to our devoted individual base also to attract new users,’ said Antokol. ‘We think the talented team at Pacific Interactive not only brings with it a unique item, but will also be a strong addition to your team and enhance our market leadership in the category.’

Besides Caesars Interactive, other global video gaming businesses such as for example International Game Technology (IGT), Zynga and Scientific Games -have found success in the gaming market segment that is social. IGT operates the DoubleDown Casino online. Krejcik states this latest move by Caesars may, in reality, make IGT and these other businesses step up their social gaming presence.

Adelson’s Anti-Online Gambling Crusade Tries to Smite Its Enemies

Like devout warriors on a sanctioned crusade, Sheldon Adelson’s Washington, D.C. anti-online gambling lobbying brigade claims to stand for might and right (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Allow it to perhaps not be said that Coalition to Stop online Gambling creator and backer Sheldon Adelson isn’t getting his cash’s worth together with his new Washington, D.C. lobbying fantasy group. That being stated, it may be hard to listen for their message bought and paid for by one of the casino operators that are largest in the planet, with land casinos throughout the U.S. and Macau, among other nations and not snicker simply a teensy, tinsy small bit.

Fervor and Condemnation

Not since Carrie country and the temperance movement associated with early twentieth century or McCarthy’s impassioned anti-Communist followers has such zealotry been demonstrated, spurred to action by those compared to online gaming’s wicked spread. But this may be the time that is first advocates represent a person who has no issue whatsoever with that vice, provided that it occurs on terra firma.

It appears the coalition’s effort that is latest involved a media conference via telephone the other day, with five of Adelson’s key lobbyists on the virtual soap boxes. Of course, these soldiers are typical highly paid mercenaries, but in battle, one does just what is necessary to win the war.

‘Internet gambling expands such as for instance a disease,’ decried Denver that is former Mayor Webb (D). ‘Jobs would be lost,’ he added, as he espoused the view that once gambling is available in-house literally no one would ever leave theirs once more.

And then there is the kids whose life would be destroyed forever, according to U.S that is retired Sen Lincoln (R-Ark), whom sees those who support Internet gaming being a sort of Fagin from ‘Oliver Twist,’ capturing the minds and manipulating the actions of the innocents by placing ‘casinos within the pockets of kiddies, 24/7.’

And allow’s not overlook terrorism and money laundering, which, needless to say, could never set foot in a land casino anywhere. Former New York Governor George Pataki (R) is convinced that online gambling is a menace to national protection, and used an FBI letter’s key points to stress this inalienable truth.

Each of the phone speakers got behind the notion that Congress must move now to stop this identified blight on mankind, while an interim ‘timeout’ on Internet gambling should be set in place meanwhile to prevent the spread of this brand new Bubonic Plague.

Alfonso Aguilar representing the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and its own executive manager said, ‘This just isn’t an America that we want.’ He said he was one of 39 faith-based organizations that came on board and therefore are seeing the light.

C4COP Takes Up Arms

Fighting back, needless to say as we’ve reported recently is the newly formed Coalition for customer and Online Protection (C4COP), and that outfit has its very own muscle behind it. Significant casino operators MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment Corp., Station Casinos, and Boyd Gaming Corp., among others, are staunchly gambling that is pro-Internet while having the backup army associated with American Gaming Association the casino industry’s main lobbying voice and a group to which Adelson ironically belongs to carry the rear within their return volleys.

Of course, with Adelson’s extensive muscle that is financial C4COP will require all the ammo they could possibly get to fire back, as the nevada Sands CEO has said he will ‘spend whatever it takes’ to put the final bullets and tie the loads to the Rasputin-esque form of wicked. Never mind he invested we know how that worked out whatever it took to try to get Romney elected back in 2012, and. Confidence is king if you have more cash than God himself.

The unspoken elephant that is white the room, needless to say, could be the possibility that Adelson is more concerned that online gaming may take a bite out of his massive casino empire’s revenue share, more than actually being worried concerning the Artful Dodgers and cash launderers taking around the globe. And with three states already up and running with Internet gambling in the U.S. (Nevada, Delaware and nj-new jersey), and another possible 10 eyeing legislation making it happen in their states also, it would seem that not only has this horse left the barn, but possibly an entire stampede as well.

And Congress has shown a regular absence of interest in getting too fervently included in either side of this debate, without doubt in component because it’s an election year for numerous, and they don’t desire to tick anybody off. Two recent bills for, and one against, Internet gaming can find no backing that is substantial either direction.

Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice Arrested at Atlantic City Casino

Baltimore Raven’s running right back Ray Rice could be in warm water after an altercation with his fiancée at Revel reportedly got beyond control (Image: rollingout.com)

Ray Rice had a year that is tough season their figures had been down and the Baltimore Ravens didn’t even make the playoffs inside their attempt to defend their Super Bowl title. But few people are going to keep in mind that after the news he is causeing the week. Rice and his fiancée were both arrested and charged with simple assault after a altercation that is physical an Atlantic City casino very early Saturday morning, and there’s some dispute as to exactly just how severe the incident was.

Revel Altercation Reported

According to reports, casino security at the Revel Casino called officers from the Atlantic City Police Department at about 2:50 am Saturday morning. That was in reaction to a dispute that is domestic Rice and fiancée Janay Palmer, one which was recorded by video surveillance cameras, police said.

Neither Rice paradise players slots nor Palmer wanted any medical attention, and neither said that they had sustained any injuries. But given the video evidence, both were charged with simple assault-domestic physical violence before being released.

Rice’s lawyer called the event a ‘very minor physical altercation,’ and the Ravens showed up to want to try out down the incident as well.

‘We are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his e that is fianc&eacute, said Ravens director of public relations Chad Steele. ‘We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained.’

Team Affiliation Unaffected

More prominent people of the Ravens organization stated they had not yet spoken to Rice. Based on Baltimore basic manager Ozzie Newsome, neither he nor head advisor John Harbaugh had spoken to Rice on Monday, but both planned to do this in the overnight. Newsome also said which he expects Rice to still be with the team in 2014.

Philadelphia lawyer Michael Diamondstein was hired to represent Rice within the full case, and seems confident that there will not be much to the incident once the facts are released.

‘ We now haven’t seen any charging documents yet,’ Diamondstein said. ‘There was a quarrel that included Ray. I can not give any specifics because we now haven’t seen the document yet. Once we’re in a position to proceed through the evidence, it should ramp up to be a bit more compared to a misunderstanding.’

Revel staff also stated that Rice who they say had been hanging out at the Revel’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub with a group of about eight people earlier within the evening was pleasant to them in their stay.

‘When he was here, they were having a time that is great’ said Scott Russo, manager of operations at the nightclub. ‘[He] ended up being extremely good to our staff.’

Despite the reaction that is low-key the incident in many quarters, you will find rumors that it may, in fact, are more serious than reported. Sports news site Deadspin.com cited an anonymous ‘tipster’ whom claimed that the incident was more violent than Rice’s camp is willing to acknowledge, saying that a woman (presumably Palmer) spit on Rice, and after that he punched the woman, knocking her out. Nonetheless, there’s been no hard evidence to back up this version of events.

Ray Rice has scored 37 touchdowns and rushed for 6,180 yards over his six periods in the NFL. However, he’s coming off a year that is down which he tallied just 660 yards rushing and four touchdowns. Rice is in the exact middle of a five-year, $35 million agreement utilizing the Ravens, and is also known if you are mixed up in team’s anti-bullying promotions; something that could possibly add fuel to this domestic firestorm.